3 Mistakes that Cause Troublesome Cravings

Curb your cravings summit

Sometimes, food cravings (for the not-so-healthy things) can get in the way of reaching our long-term goals. Can you relate?

In the upcoming Curb your Cravings Summit, I’ll be delving into detail and sharing all my tips to curb troublesome cravings. For now, I am going to share a sneak-peek with 3 common mistakes I see my clients making that cause these cravings in the first place along with a few practical tips to keep those problematic cravings at bay.

The top 3 crave-causing mistakes are:

1. Not drinking enough water

2. Not eating enough protein or skipping meals

3. Having “trigger” foods within arms reach

Keep reading to learn how to prevent these from turning into troublesome cravings. Then head on over to the Curb Your Cravings Summit – it’s the ultimate hub to get more in-depth expert tips and tricks (read to the end for details)!

1. Not drinking enough water

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Dehydration is a major culprit for creating troublesome cravings. Our bodies often mistake thirst for hunger, so our first reaction is to reach for food1. Once in a while, this is okay. But over time, if we always reach for food instead of water, we may be adding unwanted calories to our diet.

Fix 1: Stay hydrated throughout the day

Try this instead: reach for a glass of water. After drinking that, ask yourself how you feel. Am I really hungry? You may find that you were just thirsty and that water hit the spot.

In a previous blog post, I wrote about healthy habits that summer inspires. Regardless of the season, it’s important to stay hydrated. In general, the amount of water most people should aim to consume is 2-3 Litres of water per day, but it depends on your age, sex, how hot and humid it is and how active you are2. While water is the best (and lowest calorie) choice to stay hydrated, anything with water counts towards your hydration target – fruits and vegetables, soups, tea, coffee, popsicles and even ice cream! (yes, I know - sounds too good to be true, right?!)

Feeling like you need to jazz up your water to get on the hydration train? Try our infused water recipe here. They take water from ordinary to totally refreshing in no time at all!

2. Not eating enough protein or skipping meals

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Cravings can hit us when two things happen: 1. We don’t get enough protein with each meal, and 2. We skip meals altogether, causing our blood sugar levels to drop.

Protein helps to keep us feeling fuller for longer. That’s why it’s important to get enough protein throughout the day3. Include protein with each meal and snack to sustain your energy levels and to help stave off hunger until your next eating time.

You’ve probably heard of the buzzword ‘hangry’ by now. In fact, we’ve all probably experienced it at some point or another. Whether you call it hanger or not, the term refers to the combination of being ravenous (when blood sugar levels drop too low) and angry – two things that often go hand-in-hand when we neglect to listen to our hunger cues and go too long without nourishment (or if we skip meals altogether). Unfortunately, a loved one, colleague or friend may be the unlucky recipient of these hunger-induced emotions.

Fix 2: Eat regularly spaced balanced meals/snacks

Planning is important and the key to success when it comes to curbing your cravings. In another blog post, I’ve discussed some helpful hacks to boost energy and productivity at work. One of these hacks includes planning ahead and ensuring you have healthy desk snacks on hand. Another solution is packing or choosing a balanced lunch – one that is filled with fibre-rich vegetables and fruit, protein and healthy fats.

3. Having 'trigger' foods within arm's reach

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Each and every day, we are inundated with advertisements, signs and messages around food. It’s no wonder that it can be difficult to avoid giving in to reaching for that vending machine cookie or chocolate bar at work. The same goes for our homes. Keeping potential ‘trigger’ foods on the kitchen counter or front-and-centre in the fridge can be a signal to a hungry tummy to ‘eat me’!

Not only that, proximity counts. If food is nearby, we are more likely to eat it! Even a few feet make a difference. A study in the International Journal of Obesity showed that people take TWICE as many candies when they’re on the desk (within arms reach) compared to when 6 feet away4 (thankfully we don't have Inspector Gadget super reach-abilities so keep reading for your craving Fix #3).

Fix 3: Avoid your 'triggers'

The solution? Keep healthier snacks and foods in arm’s reach (and trigger foods OUT of reach) – whether at home, work or on-the-go!

At work, having a healthy snack stash is the way to go. More about that here.

At home, another great tip is to rearrange your fridge so that healthy choices are front-and-centre and become your go-to when hunger strikes. Out of sight, out of mind.

On-the-go? Having the right snack (with protein and fibre) on hand will save the day and curb those cravings! There are lots of options including roasted chickpeas and healthy snack bars), to name a few!

We want to make it easy for your to crave healthy so that's why we have you covered for a variety of healthy snack ideas!


It’s okay to give in to your cravings. In fact, it’s a normal part of eating and having a healthy diet. However, when we submit to cravings for more of the no-so-good-foods more often than not, that’s when those cravings can add up and sabotage our weight loss goals or efforts. Nipping cravings in the bud takes a bit of planning and prep work, but it is possible to not let them control you!

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